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Recently, after telling a young patient of mine that she needed glasses, she asked “Does that mean I’m blind?” Fortunately, she was nowhere close to being blind. Her vision, with correction, was 20/20 in each eye.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for all of my patients. Some of my patients have lost sight permanently due to macular degeneration, amblyopia, glaucoma, stroke or injuries that have left them with vision much worse than 20/20, even with the best pair of glasses or contacts available to them.

Picture courtesy of musescore on Flickr Picture courtesy of musescore on Flickr

Although definitions can vary, the term “legally blind” commonlyrefers to a person who’s vision in their better eye cannot be corrected to 20/200 with correction or who’s visual field is limited to 20 degrees or less.

It is important to delineate the difference between blindness and legal blindness. A person who is blind is unable to see…

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