I have had this sunglasses from Tom Ford for a while and the meaning was to use them with contact lenses but that never happened. So what to do with a perfectly good sunglasses when the eye subscriptions sounds like this 

Right eye -4.00 sph  -2.25 cyl 45 ° ADD 2.25 

Left eye -3.75 sph -2.50 cyl 115 ° ADD 2.25

Original Tom Ford Chris TF462 02N
If your prescriptions power is over -6.00 many producers of prescriptionglasses stop producing curved glasses, in this case +6D. 

But at least Shamir Portugal was able to do so and is known for goood glasses and great visual comfort. So I ordered one pair of progressive glasses from them.

The name of the glasses is Shamir Attitude III® Sport & Fashion

And best way to describe those glasses is to use shamir webpage 


I chose to use sport to fit my personal needs and use of the eyewear. 

Now the fun part to dismount the old glasses from the frame and,

The first step

trace the black frame and then order the glasses from Shamir and wait until they arrive

    Now they have arrived and glazing start

    There they are ready to be glazed
    Then its glazing and that takes time 

    And for them how like data here is glazing info

    Glazing data
    And then after all that you end up with one great product just look here

    Tom Ford and Shamir ready for use
    The light silver mirror and the dark green glasses fits perfectly with the chrome metal frame.

    And as described in the Shamir  homepage you get a comfortable and clear vision on all distances

    See more about the frame 


    And the Shamir 


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