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@Copenhagenspecs with Kilsgaard 

With this name Kilsgaard he have made the most stunning product, the start was to make frames with no big logos on the frame or any thing else that signed this was frame from Kilsgaard. So with that he started with plain aluminum frame and has evolved to aluminum front with titanium or acetate tamples and as all of frame designs thay start working with acetates and he made a stunning collection of acetate frames 

Just another day at the work

And now they present new line of aluminum light frames that all comes with the known stunning colors 

Fellows at Copenhagen specs

To see more and get in touch with them look at the website

@Copenhagen Specs Booth&Bruce

Now it’s Peters turn to shine 

I’m so impressed and proud to see him show of his collection from Booth&Bruce 
That fits so nicely and has this London look and boldness that only comes from those crazy Britt’s thanks for your great work and great collection 

There is more information on there website below

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Copenhagen Specs Plein Les Mirettes

A fresh breeze of innovation and not afraid of colors is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the stand.

these two boys have made a collection that is exciting colorful and the shapes are theatrical

and as always the photos describe it better than words but some frame colors were not able to be captured because of the shimmering light that makes the fram change from beige to shimmering pink

And even though the collection is made for women was I able to find one frame that fits me perfectly 

And you can see more and get in touch with them trough the website

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Copenhagen specs day 2 

One of the first stop is Falvin and the pictures tell a better story than words with those gold smith made frames 
Use the hashtag #myfalvinto see more pictures and the website to get in touch with  Falvin eyewear

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Copenhagen specs day 1 IcBerlin

I just visited Henrik Bo at the IcBerlin stand and looked all the great new colors and design and the pictures can tell the story of great design and techniques, if that is not enough than look at the website

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