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@Copenhagen Specs Booth&Bruce

Now it’s Peters turn to shine 

I’m so impressed and proud to see him show of his collection from Booth&Bruce 
That fits so nicely and has this London look and boldness that only comes from those crazy Britt’s thanks for your great work and great collection 

There is more information on there website below 


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Mono vision and 3D films

Have you thought about informing your mono vision client that to experience the full 3D forms in films, you need both eyes with full distance correction.
To learn more about 3D, I have found a video on YouTube that explain how it works


This is what I use as an alternative correction possibility.

• Glasses that have 0D. in the dominant eye and -add in the none dominant eye.
• Alternative sale of one day lenses to the none dominant eye so the client can put on when needed.
• Of course is the multifocal lenses the third alternative.

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